Box Torrents had a meltdown:

Basically what happened was the owner (Box) was being secretive about donations and the admin trusted him so they didn’t say much. But they got curious so they ran a script to get an idea of how much he was getting. Basically they have a system where if you donate a euro, it gives you 10GB of upload credit. So they calculated how much upload credit was being thrown around and it came out to be an insane amount. The admin were disturbed by this and felt that since Box was being secretive it was a betrayal. They figured that since he’d not really been involved with the site for a few years other than paying for the bills and that the volunteer staff was doing all the work, that it would be justified to just move the entire site.

A Final Tribute to Boxtorrents and the True Inauguration of BakaBT:

Box himself has wished this site success, so for those of you who believe in Box and his character, you can be happy that Box seems to have given BakaBT his blessings. Everyone can talk about the methods used to create BakaBT and how it could have been done “better”, but the fact is, what’s done is done. Some of you will condemn Malus and Jarudin, and some of you will applaud their actions. Yes, Jarudin and Malus basically “stole” Boxtorrents from Box, and yes, it was basically a coup d’etat. They aren’t going to sugarcoat it. You can believe they did what they thought was best or not. You can believe if they feel they were truly wrong, they’d apologize. Don’t forget, that they have their own feelings of the matter and they’ve been made figureheads of sort in this incident. So regardless of what really is the truth, they now live with the consequences of their actions, since what’s happened can’t be undone.

So it’s now BakaBT, huh… (old logins work fine btw)

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