2 responses to “ДВД проти фансабів, THAT Animeblog”

  1. Lupus

    Hi, this is Lupus, who wrote the post. I’d really like to read your thoughts on my post, can you please translate them to English?

    It’s a bit selfish to ask after so long, and I apologise for the delay in getting to you.

  2. minus-one

    hi, Lupus! it’s not really “thoughts”, just highlights from your post plus brief translations in Ukrainian.

    thing is, i’d already written something similar: it’s a loooong rant post called “The state of anime industry” (in Ukrainian) (it was reaction on editorial by Justin Sevakis on ANN); in brief it says that aforementioned editorial is (mostly) bullshit, and that all the industry can to do under such circumstances is to adopt fansubs, to monetize them (not to fight them); and it can be done in two ways:

    1. add ads to fansubs (whether we like it or not);
    2. use established means of fansub distribution (hire fansubbers, use torrents etc).

    it seemed to me that you think roughly the same way. ^__^

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