Recently I keep getting some random pictures on my phone. I mean — you check the phone and see some unknown pictures in inbox. I noticed that it always happened while I’m on the subway. It turned out, that pictures come via Bluetooth due to weak password (1111 — see, I’m not hiding it!). So I start to send my own pictures to random people on the subway — you only have to select “Send via Bluetooth”->”Search for Bluetooth devices” or something like that, and here they are — 5, 10, once even 15 phones around to which you can send whatever you want!

So… It’s cool. One can invent some kind of mobile game out of it, I’d suggest sending around parts of puzzle — whoever solves it first, wins. Or something. Or, you know, ads ;-)…

P.S.: Or viruses…

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  1. Talleyran

    Heh))) Kinda great idea for another american’s romantic movie plot, don’t you think? Guy gets beatiful girl’s picture via his cell phone, his in love at the first sight, starts searching for her…
    You know, that may be the first time I’d like to have a cell phone of my own)

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