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    […] A Thematic Analysis of Boogiepop — by Robert Stanton Тематичний аналіз Бугіпопа від Роберта Стентона (англ.) — дуже глибока стаття, яка досліджує психологічне підгрунтя різних ситуацій у Бугіпоп-Фантомі. 11 серія — центральна (і, можливо, найкраща) серія Бугіпопа. […]

  2. Meirani

    why give a name boogiepop?

  3. minus-one

    Boogiepop’s name is explained in the series: “When I detect adversity approaching, I float to the surface. That’s why I am Boogiepop – phantasmal, like bubbles.”

  4. Meirani

    nice article, thanks for sharing!

  5. John

    Where was this ‘essay’ published, before it was reprinted? I’d like to read more from Robert Stanton, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything else that relates back to Robert Stanton.

  6. minus-one

    you can find further info in the original article here:


    his email at the time was: rstanton@uiuc.edu

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